Saturday, July 10, 2010

LeBron's not the "bad guy"

To the sportstards™ of NE Ohio:

The average Cleveland sports fan is a fucking moron.

Most of you haven't given an actual shit that your local "liberal", "progressive" leaders have been stealing your asses blind for decades. In large part by colluding with the union thugs (and their supporters) as well as the ethnic grievance mongers.

The high taxation and over-regulation so beloved by you brain-dead assholes have driven virtually every successful company from the area. But you haven't given a flying fuck about any of that crap.

Because the average Clevelander would appear to spend a significant fraction of their non-working time guzzling down brews, burgers and wings while obsessing about professional sports.

And now that the (apparently) one professional athlete on any of your fucking loser teams who is actually worth a shit decided to make a career choice based upon what's good for him instead of Cleveland, you villify him.

Fuck you, morons. Your cheering James on is not what made him a competent basketball player. His in-born talent and hard work did that. Your purchase of LeBron-branded shoes, jerseys, posters, keychains, etc., did not improve his ability to sink three-pointers. You weren't there in his backyard encouraging him to keep practicing when he was in junior high school. You didn't actually do shit for him except voluntarily fork-over your money like a chump for branded merchandise because you thought he was your sports savior.

He. Owes. You. Fuck. All.

If your pathetic life is so empty that you emotionally invest yourself in fucking basketball to the point where you brand him a "traitor", a "bum" and worse for accepting a better job, he's not to blame.

Rather, you are to blame. If the braindead lot of you had invested a tiny fraction of the energy you devote to sports into learning the countless ways your local leaders have been decimating your town for decades, perhaps Cleveland wouldn't be well down the road toward becoming the next Detroit.

So go ahead. Burn your jerseys, bobbleheads and other memorabilia. Act like immature fuckheads because someone chose career advancement over staying in a dying an effectively dead city.

Clearly, the collective lot of you never gave enough of a crap about Cleveland to elect more competent leaders who might make a positive difference in your day-to-day lives. And if you demonstrably don't give a rat's ass about Cleveland, why should LeBron James?

You are the "bums".

You are the "traitors".

Why not set yourselves on fire instead? And immolate your worthless civic leaders, too. That might actually make a teeny, tiny change for the better.



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