Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gwinnett County Deputy Michael G. "Cletus" Cummings

When first we met Deputy Cummings, he had recently arrested County Commissioner Charles Bannister for DUI. Only problem was that two Intoxilizer tests and a blood test proved that Bannister's BAC was .000.


Now we find that Deputy Cummings has a track record of DUI stop-related irregularities:

The Gwinnett County Sheriff's deputy who mistakenly charged Commission Chairman Charles Bannister with drunken driving last week had misjudged DUI cases twice before.

A review of Deputy Michael G. Cummings' personnel file showed that he was disciplined for twice determining an impaired person to be sober while he worked for the Gwinnett County Police Department. Cummings resigned from the police department in 2006 to take a job at the Sheriff's Department.

On one occasion, he didn't catch that a driver who had caused a "minor accident" was intoxicated. On the other, he testified that a friend who tested at more than double the legal limit was not drunk.

At the time of both previous "errors", Deputy Cummings was employed by the Gwinnett County Police Department. So this bastard, who has (presumably) taken an oath to uphold the law at least twice, perjured himself and only got a three-day suspension? Hey, Sheriff Butch...why does this asshole still have a job with your agency? Since you and the Gwinnett Sheriff's Department demonstrably have no respect for the law, why the fuck should the citizenry?

Bannister's attorney, Alan Mullinax, said that the deputy's history is troubling.

"The whole believability and credibility of this officer is shot," Mullinax said.

No shit. And yet, he still has a job. Which involves carrying a fucking badge and gun. And the power to abrogate my civil rights.

As always, I'm sure that none of "Deputy Cletus'" fine brother officers ever noticed any problems with his ability to uphold the law. I'm confident that all three of these errors in judgment are the only instances of his malfeasance in his entire career. And look, he was caught at it! Hey...the system works!

Again, why the fuck does this incompetent moron still have a job in LE?

Bannister's attorney said he believes the arrest was politically motivated. He has asked the GBI to look into why the Sheriff's department deputies waited outside the bar for nearly an hour for Bannister to leave. Mullinax wants to know why the deputies never intervened to prevent Bannister from driving if they suspected he was drunk. He questions why deputies did not hand off the case to police, and why Bannister, 71, was asked to perform two field sobriety tests that are not recommended for someone over age 60.

Because cops all over this country are a criminal gang operating under the color of law and politicians won't do a goddamn thing to fix it. How about it, you "conservative", "law and order" politicians in Gwinnett...are you gonna get off of your fat, lazy and corrupt asses to actually do your goddamn jobs?

Of course not. Ergo, fuck each and every one of you. And your families, since you won't do anything about keeping my family safe from known bad cops.

Perhaps the next time one of you gets pulled over for no legitimate reason by some asshole with a badge, you'll wind up dead at the hands of the law you pretend to respect.

There'd be a little actual justice in that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went online to find information about this officer because he was a great help to my family during a very bad circumstance. I honestly don't know the details about the claims you're making here, or if you even know him. I can assure you that in my experience with him directly, he's not only a hero but a fine and upstanding man.

7/6/11 14:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have had experiences with Deputy Cummings and have found him to be very respectful, professional, and a great man. We all make mistakes and do NOT need to judge people and situations that we do not truly know anything about.

24/6/12 09:44  

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