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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Preoccupied with Money...Just Like the Wall Streeters They're Protesting!

Original NY Post article here: They want $lice of the occu-pie.

Even in Zuccotti Park, greed is good.

Yep...for a mean-spirited laugh.
Occupy Wall Street’s Finance Committee has nearly $500,000 in the bank, and donations continue to pour in -- but its reluctance to share the wealth with other protesters is fraying tempers.

Color me surprised the "Finance Committee" doesn't want to share. And why the fuck do a bunch of quasi-anarchists have any sort of "committee"?
Some drummers -- incensed they got no money to replace or safeguard their drums after a midnight vandal destroyed their instruments Wednesday -- are threatening to splinter off.

I suspect the "midnight vandal" was an aggrieved neighbor (who likely pays a lot of rent for a dinky closet with a toilet and shower) deciding they'd had just about enough artless ersatz "tribal drumming" in the wee hours. (At a certain point, even Art Fucking Blakey would get tiresome...and I say that as a jazzer. I doubt I could stomach more than three minutes of gormless hippies exercising their non- existent "right" to bang shit like a hyperactive three-year-old on meth.

I cannot endeavor to put my finger on any part of our Constitution which enshrines a right to percussive pandemonium by unwashed urchins...or anyone else.
“F--k Finance. I hope Mayor Bloomberg gets an injunction and demands to see the movement’s books. We need to know how much money we really have and where it’s going,” said a frustrated Bryan Smith, 45, who joined OWS in Lower Manhattan nearly three weeks ago from Los Angeles, where he works in TV production.

Well, Mr. Legal Eagle....precisely what standing does Bloomberg have to request an injunction? And do you really want to get him involved? After all, he'd probably be more concerned about monitoring the sodium intake and tobacco consumption of your comrades. (BTW - I strongly suspect that "works in TV production" means either "middle-aged production assistant" or "extra".)
Smith is a member of the Comfort Working Group -- one of about 30 small collectives that have sprung up within OWS. The Comfort group is charged with finding out what basic necessities campers need, like thermal underwear, and then raising money by soliciting donations on the street.

Huh...I thought panhandling was illegal in NYC. Not to mention that having so many "collectives" is certainly not real "collectivism" (which is defined as "the political principle of centralized social and economic control, especially of all means of production").
“The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request -- so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items -- and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed, even as he cajoled the passing crowd for more cash.

The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back.

I'm guessing the Finance Committee has the "ability" to give you free shit, they just don't see the "need". (For more info, see: Marx, Karl.)

Your complaints regarding the Finance Committee "diving" on the money working groups bring in and not wanting to give it back sounds rather similar to something one of those horrid, racist, ignorant and despicable Tea Partiers might say. In fact, you sound like one of those greedy, selfish bastards who object to money they brought home being confiscated from them to be spent in ways they have no control over.

Why do you hate redistribution and economic justice, Mr. Smith?
The Comfort group has an allowance of $150 a day, while larger working groups, like the Kitchen group, get up to $2,000.

That's probably because "food riots" are more of a potential danger than "laundry riots". Especially with lefty protesters.
“What can I do with $150?” said Smith. “We have three tons of wet laundry here from the rainstorm -- how do I get that done? We need winter gear, shoes, socks. I could spend $10,000 alone for backpacks people need. We raise all this money. Where is it?”

Y'all should have thought of the laundry issue sooner, Mr. Smith...if that is your real name. And what the fuck sort of fancy urban hippie backpacks cost ten thousand fucking dollars, anyway?
Pete Dutro, 36, a Brooklyn tattoo artist who is getting a master’s in finance and sits on the Finance Committee, said big purchases like Smith’s can’t get immediate approval.

“We don’t have the power for that. They have to go to the General Assembly. If it’s approved, we pay out that amount and make sure everything is accounted for,” he said.

Maaaan...for a bunch of jackasses "occupying" a mere three-quarters of an acre of concrete (plus a few scrawny trees), you sure do have a lot of bureaucracy. Fight the power, dude!
Within the next few days, the Financial Committee will release a detailed report, he said.

If I were you, I'd audit it very carefully, Mr. "Getting a Master's in Finance"; half a million bucks is a lot of temptation to a bunch of people with no jobs. BTW...are they using "cash" or "accrual"? Buwahahahahaha!
Yesterday, a huge flat-screen TV went up in Zuccotti Park for a movie night and pajama party with popcorn. Organizers hoped it would attract new recruits -- even as some long-timers complained that the movement was getting too diffuse after yesterday’s lackluster showing at a police-brutality event in Union Square that barely attracted 50 participants.

Lackluster showing at a police brutality event? Not enough pepper spraying and/or heads caved-in? Lazy union pigs. Oh, wait...
“I think it’s getting too spread out,” said John Glowa, 57. “My sense from where I live is that it’s losing steam. We gotta plug the holes.”

Better ask the General Assembly for a shit ton of caulking; I'd recommend GeoCel tri-polymer sealant. (Don't thank me...I'm a giver.)
Some activists, like those in Pulse, the committee that represents Zuccotti Park drummers, are a bit worn out by all the collective activity.

Last week, on a rainy night, someone stabbed holes in many of the protesters’ drums with a knife, said Elijah Moses, 19, of Queens, a founder of the Pulse Working Group. Moses asked the General Assembly -- the nightly meeting where protesters collectively vote on OWS decisions -- for $8,000 to replace the drums, and build a small shed to lock them up.

Eight thousand dollars for fucking drums and a storage shed??!? If you didn't all at least pretend to hate corporations, you could just go to Home Depot and get a shed and a bunch of ten-dollar five-gallon buckets for, oh, say, three hundred samoleans. (Of course, the shed and drums would be made of teh evil plastic...but you'd save $7,700.00 of "the people's money".)
“They said no -- they turned us down. I’m really frustrated,” said Moses.

I think it would be most amusing to pit your frustration against the "collective" (see what I did there?) frustration of the folks who live and/or work in the neighborhood of Zuccotti Park who are almost certainly weary of you lot worsening their quality of life with your pretentious, pathetic attempt to "make a difference"

The sixties are calling; they want their memes back. (But they'll probably let you keep the toe-sucking, knife-wielding nutjobs.)

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