Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A "Thought Experiment"

Imagine that during the period from 04/10-04/15 of this year, taxpayers sent first class letters (not emails, faxes, e-petitions, etc.) to their U.S. Representative, Senators, the heads of key committees (i.e, Ways and Means) and the White House containing a single sheet of paper bearing the following message:


Followed by a "very truly yours" and their signature.

And think about how the collective effect of a large enough number of citizens shelling out a couple of bucks in postage and 10-15 minutes of their time each might be mildly interesting. Possibly even amusing.

Just sayin'...


Blogger BrendaK said...

Also, per the Ninja Literacy Project, cut-n-paste Atlas Shrugged in the body of email to each of them. And their associates. And their pets.

Not attachments, mind you, but server busting yuuuuuge emails.

Jam the man!

4/2/09 20:15  
Blogger Fatwa Arbuckle said...

LightO'MyLifeK -

I feel sure you meant the Federalist Papers rather than Atlas Shrugged, as I know that you respect intellectual property.

Plus the fact that the Federalist Papers led rather directly to our Constitution. (That pesky document which every single member of Congress swears to uphold and then doesn't.)

An excellent case could be made that each and every member of Congress, as well as the President and Vice-President are all in blatant violation of their various oaths of office.

Alas, nobody with actual standing has the courage to go after any of them...including "We, the People".

Shame on us.

10/2/09 10:19  

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